Our Pledge Collection



High Expectations







DireLights is able to implement the pledge element of Collaboration with the use of our departments. With our financial, human resources, marketing, operations and technology departments we are able to spread across and cover all of the aspects of a business. With all of our various skills we are able to come together and make something bigger out of it all.

DireLights strives to have a positive impact on our community. Having good positive relations with our customers and having a great impact on our campus. We also make sure to have a community of our own, within our classroom and over the periods of entrepreneurship.

Create and maintain high expectations for ourselves and our school, invite and offer feedback to improve ideas, and collaborate for innovation We keep our high expectations in mind not only when producing our selection of products, but also for each employee. Making sure you come prepared and ready to incorporate those high expectations in everything we do.

Encouraging curiosity and embracing uncertainty by articulating questions and sharing concerns. Not being scared to try new things for the fear of them not working, and working towards doing those. Thinking outside of the box, and actively looking for little or big ways to improve our business.

Being truthful and taking ownership of the situation in order to do the right thing regardless of circumstances Being integral is key. Being trustworthy in all that we do, transactions with customers, keeping our word, making sure that all orders are being met in a timely manner.

Behaving and presenting yourself in a way that shows respect for yourself and others DireLights strives to maintain a professional environment in any way we can. Ensuring that we stay on task, and making sure that communications with customers and potential customers are dealt with in a very professional regard.

Addressing problems respectfully, promptly, and appropriately by taking concerns to the people directly involved and offering assistance in solving problems we recognize Being mature, timely, and respectful during the resolution period is very vital to DireLights. Making sure that all voices are heard during a problem that may arise, and properly coming to a conclusion after both sides are known.

To DireLights, respect involves not only respecting our customers, but also respecting the employees that make it up. Making sure that all voices are heard, and ensuring that there is a safe environment full of trust and respect.

Making decisions and designing activities in order to serve student needs, not necessarily their wants. Making sure to stay on task, and keeping fellow peers on task. Keeping in mind the path to success and why staying on track is a big part of that track.